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Timely Persuasion
A Rock & Roll Time Travel Tale

Timely Persuasion follows an anonymous music critic on a quest to save his sister from the relationship that ended her life. Our hero uses his musical knowledge to “blink” through the years attempting to keep the couple apart by any means necessary. But is her husband Nelson really to blame?


Along the way he launches a new folk rock star, accidentally restructures his family tree, and finds that correlation and causation are not always what they seem. This story defies genre conventions while paying tribute to the classic time travel tales that came before it.


A Courthouse Mystery, Told Juror by Juror
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An Ode to Music Festivals

Newport. Lollapalooza. Coachella. SXSW.


A fun-filled weekend of peace and music. That’s all Shawn Smith (no relation to the musician) wanted.


It was supposed to be the highlight of his summer. Drink some beers, hear some tunes, meet some girls — and finally see Stephen Malkmus live. What could go wrong? 


Thirty-seven prank phone calls help turn Fester into a festival Shawn will never forget.

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Sent Packin'
Just Another Day at the Office


TO: All Staff

SUBJECT: Policy Changes

Effective immediately, TTM INC, LLC is prohibiting the following behaviors at all locations:

  • Workplace politics

  • Open floorplans

  • Instant messages

  • Meetings with HR

  • Satellite locations

  • Time off requests

  • Rumors mills

  • Inside jokes

  • Midday parties

  • Leaked information

  • Arts and crafts

  • Bulleted lists

Please join leadership in the conference room at noon for details. Donuts and Wine will be provided.

Edit the World in the Cyclo

Imagine a world where call center agents can blacklist unruly customers.

A world where any edit made to an online encyclopedia comes true.

A world where search engine results contain the secrets to the universe.

A world where even screenwriters struggle to get out of jury duty.

A world that is more than just the title of a Pixies song in need of disambiguation.

Copper on Parchment
The Case of the Deadly Doorbell

HJ used to be the best handyman in town. But lately he can't seem to do anything right.


He thinks he might be cursed — or maybe haunted by an old client.

Ring the doorbell, follow the detective and help HJ unlock the mystery of Copper on Parchment.

The next chapter of Duty Calls juror backstories.



Works in Progress
Books Coming Sooner or Later


Jury's Out: The Duty Calls Novel

The Commuter

The Dog Is Here To Save Me

Nelsonification (TP2)


Every Other Day

Wayback Machine
Mostly Complete Scribography

Max Cosmic

Everything's Shmoove

Galactic Avengers

Fugitive: July 3, 1976 (QL Spec Script)

Green Slide, Blue Slide (Sliders Spec Script)

Wasted Days in a Wasted Daze

The Customer is Always Wrong

The Many Lies of Jon & John

The Handoff

Just Like Starting Over (QL Fan Fiction)